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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pre-Thanksgiving Thanks Giving

In that all too brief ribbon of November between my birthday and Thanksgiving (in which I am supposed to thoroughly prepare for the onset of finals at the precipitous drop which is December), I have decided that, this being my twenty-fifth year, I will take a longer moment to give thanks for the things that make me smile (and apparently unbearably cheerful in the eyes of the rest of the populace).

Here, in no particular order:

1. Dante
2. Wordsmith's word of the day (which today is dendrochronology)
3. Shakespeare II, my 2.9 lb computer
4. Shakespeare, he of the wondrous words
5. running water
6. the flannel sheets on my bed
7. The exact shade of cupid pink on my bedroom walls
8. my friends, each and every one of them a rare jewel of odd proportions
9. my family, see above, add carats and stranger facets
10. orange juice (oh sweet ambrosia, we will be united again in Heaven where calories don't count)
11. chocolate (my love for you transcends calories)
12. Teuscher's Champagne Truffles (which deserve their own line)
13. baby pandas (especially Butterstick, whom I am GOING TO SEE on Saturday)
14. dogs of all kinds (except, usually, for the small yappy ones, which Dante is NOT)
15. books (tall books, small books, big books, thick books, all books!- Seriously, even backs of cereal boxes...)
16. movie adaptations of Jane Austen novels and their general ilk
17. quarks (and the people who named them)
18. driving down Massachusetts Avenue from my house to the Georgetown Safeway when the leaves are turning and then buying a Grande Non-Fat Chai at the in-house Starbucks with which to peruse the grocery store aisles
19. wit, sly humor
20. Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and company
21. cashmere and silk
22. the mot juste
23. music
24. autumn, spring, winter, and summer
25. Fragonard's Fille Lisant (also, Canova's Cupid and Psyche which moves me to tears every time)
26. A cup of English Breakfast (or Earl Grey depending on which way my fancy is leaning)
27. snow
28. corpse pose
29. ball gowns
30. men in well-cut suits (ditto tuxedos, or --be still my heart!-- morning coats)
31. kindness
32. poetry
33. unbearably saccharine happy endings (although the pleasure is increased when they're earned)
34. dinner after a good day of shopping, surrounded by the spoils of the hunt and shopping fellows

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Alexis Diet

Brownies for lunch and dinner? Check.

Brownies for breakfast? Check.

One horrified stomach in revolt? Ungh.
(Really, I should leave this to the professional.)

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