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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Perhaps a Bit Premature in the Way that "Mission Accomplished" Was a Bit Premature...

but I love law school. The professors are fantastic; my class, for the most part is thoughtful and intelligent; and the readings are engaging in a way that I would have never expected.
There's an article in my Democracy and Coercion class about male vs. female processing and hierarchy vs. solidarity, old standbys from Cross-Cultural Communication with Deborah Tannen. Threads of that class keep popping up in the strangest places-- like my realtor's office.
I wonder to what use the professor will put that particular article. Speaking of which, time to catch up on reading.

A bientot, my little chickadees!

(Behold the power of wireless.)

Notes from WAY Too Early in the Morning

Tea. They have Tea. And not just any Tea, Twinings Earl Grey Tea (in addition to the -don't fool yourselves, it's lesser- Bigelow variety). I am officially recompensed for having attempted the Metro bus system this morning for the second time ever and for driving all the way back from Baltimore last night with only my headlights and a prayer to guide me.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's not just good, it's good for you!

(As if I needed an excuse...)

On Either Side the River Lie...

Well, with only a few minor catastrophes behind me (foremost in my mind the exploding Cheer), I am almost fully fledged. My room is resolving itself into semi-coherence: I have a file cabinet that matches my desk (very important for aesthetic integrity); there are more clothes in my closet than in the laundry, on chairs, or on the floor; my reading packets have found their way to the top of my desk where they have an excellent view of the trees; and Dante has decided that it is his sworn duty to remind me hourly that sleep is an excellent way to pass time. I am also heartened by any law curriculum that begins with Thoreau.

Life as a law student begins.

And tomorrow I can finally pick up my car. Whew!

Friday, August 27, 2004

I love dog people.

My Geico customer assistant has a corgi named Oscar Wilde.


Thursday, August 26, 2004


Today, with much gratitude to a panel of law professors who referred to each other as ignorant sluts, I remembered that there is passion in law; that law is the means but justice the end; that the practice of law is vibrant, dynamic, alive; that I like adjectives (and, of late, semi-colons-- funny, I used to hate them and William Carlos Williams. How things change...).
I am full of hope and happy. Perhaps I'll even muster up a little bit of mint julep charm for tomorrow. The DMV bled it out of me today, but that particular quest did lead me beside green pastures and still waters: I found the Van Gogh Panda (sans ear) and was reminded how close the law school is to the National Gallery of Art.

All in all, a good day. Now if I could just stop locking myself out of the house.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Entry in Which I Revel in My Room Being Pink, Think About Cutting My Hair Again, And in Fact Speak of None of Those Things

Today is the day of the great white elephant; I could call it the grey and blue elephant if I liked, but that might be less of an elephant and more of a pot-bellied pig.
Yes dear, neglected Readers, school has begun. Well, orientation anyway. I have to say, it's been more whimper, less bang, especially the part where I tried to carry the fortified shopping bag full of class reading material home. (I gave up and took a cab.)

In the meantime I'm reading Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet to keep the flame alive.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Shangrila Regina

I have returned, my sweets, from summering. Tan, but not burnt; rested, but well-learnt.

I am in love with the Midwest. I didn't even mind the brief descent into kitsch-topia while Alexis, Rachel, and I waded through stuffed animals and knife sheaths looking for a shot glass at the largest truck stop in the world. Iowa is the stuff of dreams: the broad back and muddy elbows of the river, the rolling hills, the billion buzzing brainwaves of that rare breed who considers the mot juste a matter of life and death-- I gush, I gush; forgive me, I gush.

And of course, Martha's Vineyard, nonwithstanding the incident of Dante's disappearance and the discovery of ANOTHER (thankfully lone) white hair, was lovely-- chocoriffic and soothing to the soul. (Especially, after Dante, the little scamp, was found waiting patiently by the cars for the rest of us to come back from the bonfire.)

More to follow, but in a nutshell, my room is a most delectable shade of pink, after two and a half years of talking about it, I'm finally getting a car this weekend, and orientation starts on the 25th.

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